Proper maintenance – the key to a joyful bike ride

Putting resources into a racing motorbike is similar to making a high maintenance relationship. However, benefits of owning a racing bike outweigh the cost incurred in purchasing and maintaining it. Dissimilar to the present-day cars, which can run in top condition for miles without requiring any major maintenance work, racing bikes entail continuous maintenance. If you are a racing bike enthusiast, who is considering purchasing a sports bike, it is advisable for you to get well versed with the type of maintenance different bikes require to keep them working in peak condition.

Here are some useful maintenance tips that will enable you to enjoy riding your racing bike without the hassle of malfunctioning or low performing parts.

¬†Engine oil, undoubtedly, assumes an essential role in the smooth functioning and upkeep of your motorbike. Consistently inspect the motor oil level (usually after 5000-6000 km. depending on the model and make of the bike) and maintain an optimum level. Keep a close vigil on any conceivable oil spillages, big or small, as they can be detrimental to your engine’s health.

 Carbon deposits cause the oil to thicken, which consequently hampers the performance of engine internals. Running your bike on unclean oil is bound to adversely affect its fuel efficiency, thereby drastically diminishing the engine life by a considerable measure.

Maintenance of the brake pads is as crucial as the maintenance of the engine oil, if not more. They are literally responsible for your safety on road and worn out brake pads may result in unwanted incidents. Therefore, for a completely safe bike experience, it is prudent to get the brake pads evaluated on an annual basis. Additionally, keep the brakes holding the tyre suitably spaced. If the break becomes too tight, or too loose, it adds to the risk factor of riding a bike. Always keep your individual requirements and comfort in mind while getting the brakes adjusted.

It won’t be wrong to say that cables are one of the most important bike components that underpin the majority of the controls on your bike. Throttle and clutch chains along with the front brake line entail thorough cleaning and lubrication on a consistent basis.

Besides the aforementioned tips, it is also advisable to check the tyres, battery and the sprockets at regular intervals. That is precisely where an authorised and reputable bike service station comes into the picture. These bike garages use the services of companies that provide labour hire in Melbourne to recruit top bike technicians and experts with detailed knowledge about different sports bikes.

To sum up, proper maintenance is the only way to extend the lifespan of your racing bike and enjoy a wonderful experience each time you take out your motorbike for a ride.